Universal Protocol Alliance to List Mega-Utility Token on Bitcoin.com Exchange

In addition to noting the Universal Protocol Alliance’s mega-utility token, Bitscoins.web Exchange will also list the group’s stablecoins, along with assistance interoperability in between the Ethereum protocol and the Simple Ledger protocol.

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Bitscoins.web Exchange to List Mega-Utility Token

It was revealed today that Bitscoins.web Exchange will offer a preliminary exchange listing to support an interoperable mega-utility token backed by the Universal Protocol Alliance, the Universal Protocol Token (UPT). The brand-new token is anticipated to be on noted Nov. 20, 2019, and will be readily available for trading by non-U.S. individuals just.

In addition to noting UPT, the platform will also be listing Universal Protocol Stablecoins, consisting of the Universal Dollar (UPUSD), Universal Euro (UPEUR), in addition to an ERC-20 variation of bitcoin core, the Universal Bitcoin (UPBTC). The exchange will also assistance interoperability in between the Ethereum protocol and the Simple Ledger protocol on Bitcoin Cash, along with work to establish the Universal Yen (UPYEN).

Universal Protocol Alliance to List Mega-Utility Token on Bitscoins.net Exchange
Bitscoins.web Exchange

The Universal Protocol Alliance is a group of similar cryptocurrency business and blockchain companies that desire to link various digital possessions in a single network. The alliance members consist of Bittrex, Brave, Certik, Omisego, Blockchain at Berkeley, Uphold, and Cred. Bitscoins.web Exchange now supports the alliance and its objective to offer blockchain interoperability, traditional customer safeguards, and useful applications for blockchain that decrease time, effort and expense for companies and customers along with city governments.

“At Bitscoins.web Exchange our company believe in tokens that connect neighborhoods and communities together,” stated David Shin, head of Bitscoins.web Exchange. “UPT is a best example of how an alliance of strong and active members can come together to develop greater energy for its particular users. The extremely concrete and useful work the Alliance has actually done, the effective performance history of its members, and the overarching objective of the Alliance lines up well with the essential requirements we try to find at the Bitscoins.web Exchange.”

Bitscoins.web Exchange was introduced on Sep. 2, as a simple-to-usage trading platform that provides first-rate security and an effective trading engine. The location has a wide range of trading sets like litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), tron (TRX), zcash (ZEC) and denominated markets with base currencies such as tether (USDT), bitcoin money (BCH), and bitcoin core (BTC). The platform utilizes institutional-grade file encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA) and IP whitelisting, indicated to keep users’ accounts protected at all times. If you sanctuary’t registered yet, the procedure takes less than a minute and you can begin switching digital possessions right away after you sign up.

The Universal Protocol Alliance Mission

Founded in 2018 to speed up mainstream adoption of blockchain innovation, the Universal Protocol Alliance is intending to produce practical and practical usage cases that can benefit customers, companies, and federal governments worldwide. The group has actually recognized that numerous users require ingenious services to relocation digital possessions flawlessly throughout various wallets, exchanges, and networks. In addition to the contributions made by alliance members, each member company will incorporate and integrate UPT straight into their companies, which will be revealed quickly by the group.

“The early days of the web were extremely comparable to the world of blockchain today, with various innovation platforms fragmented and incapable of interacting with each other,” stated JP Thieriot, co-founder of the UP Alliance and Uphold. “We think that the Universal Protocol Platform is an innovation that has the capacity to link blockchain innovations – just like the advancement of the TCP and IP procedures that drove the web towards mass adoption.”

Digital possessions like bitcoin money and ethereum run on diverse networks that presently cannot interact with each other. Collaboration in significant methods without expensive workarounds stays hard, leading to important inadequacies. Universal Protocol Platform has an option to resolve this interaction issue, one that will make it possible for all existing cryptocurrencies to appear, and fungible, on one blockchain network: the intro of Proxy Tokens.

Universal Protocol Alliance to List Mega-Utility Token on Bitscoins.net Exchange

Universal Protocol just recently showed a brand-new service for suppliers called Cred Merchant Solutions, which enabled chosen California authorities, together with members of the neighborhood, to purchase products at a supplier with bitcoin money (BCH). This system allows merchants to settle deals in the Universal Dollar in real-time, and sends the tax remittance to the proper federal government authorities. Universal Protocol has actually stated its assistance for California Assembly costs AB 953, which would allow the California state federal government to accept tax remittances in stablecoins like the Universal Dollar. This is indicated to fix a considerable tax-collection concern for federal governments, and leads the way for extensive adoption of digital possessions throughout the state .

“We are delighted to develop innovation that fixes genuine issues for consumers, merchants, and chosen authorities to aid introduce the next 100 million users of blockchain,” stated Dan Schatt, co-founder of the Universal Protocol Alliance and Cred. “Not just does blockchain innovation lead to substantial expense decrease for customers and merchants, however it also makes it possible for extremely efficient taxation, openness, and predictability for city and state federal governments.”

What do you think of the Universal Protocol Alliance noting the mega-utility token and stablecoins on Bitscoins.web Exchange? Share your ideas in the comments area below.

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