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Of the 11 banks that provided spot Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024, just 2 — Bitwise and VanEck — have actually vowed to contribute a portion of their revenues to open-source Bitcoin advancement.

In thinking about the reasoning behind Bitwise and VanEck’s choice to contribute to developers who preserve and upgrade the Bitcoin procedure, it’s challenging to think of why more spot Bitcoin ETF providers haven’t done the same.

“While we use the language of ‘donation’ when we support devs, I think in reality it’s closer to a self-investment into making the asset itself stronger,” Hong Kim, co-founder and CTO of Bitwise, composed in an AMA thread on Stacker News. “Many people think Bitcoin just magically gets maintained, but that’s not true! If you manage a large pool of Bitcoin and you take fees for doing so, then why would you not reinvest some of that into the underlying infrastructure?”

For this factor, Bitwise, which provided its spot Bitcoin ETF under the name Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (ticker: BITB), devoted to contributing 10% of its ETF charge revenues to 3 various nonprofits that fund Bitcoin Core developers — OpenSats, Brink and the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) — for ten years.

“Brink, OpenSats and HRF were the most established nonprofits with a track record of funding Bitcoin devs — they had the proof of work, so to speak,” Kim informed Bitcoin Magazine.

VanEck, which provided its spot Bitcoin ETF under the name VanEck Bitcoin Trust (ticker: HODL), also sees the worth in supporting Bitcoin Core developers. Hence, it guaranteed to contribute 5% of HODL revenues to Brink and it made a preliminary $10,000 contribution to the company.

“We believe TradFi stands to gain from the efforts of Bitcoin’s Core contributors,” Matthew Sigel, Head of Digital Asset Research at VanEck, informed Bitcoin Magazine.

“As we stand to profit from Bitcoin’s price increase, it makes sense that we also give back to the work of the innovators who make the chain possible,” he included.

Given that it’s just reasonable for spot Bitcoin ETF providers to return Bitcoin Core developers — those who support and enhance the hidden possession for their monetary item — which will be beside follow Bitwise and VanEck’s lead?

The advancement of Bitcoin and open-source scaling options for the procedure might benefit substantially from more of these significant banks contributing even a little part of the benefit from their spot Bitcoin ETF costs.

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